Song Notes

I think most of us have experienced the gut-wrenching pain of a freshly broken heart, and I think for almost everyone, there comes a point when anger steps into the equation. This song brings the intensity of that emotion to life. Even though in that moment, having your heart broken might seem like the end of the world, healing is always ready to take its place. Love is a beautiful privilege and sometimes it comes with a painful price, but when you find the kind that stays forever, it's unlike anything else in the world.

Written By

Alex Masters / Emily Shackelton / Kelly Archer

Produced By

Zach Parnell / Craig Casey / Alex Masters

My Heart Breaking

Whisper, whisper your confession
Listen to it echo off the walls
Eerie, temporary silence
So quiet you could hear a teardrop fall

The calm before the storm
The peace before the war

I bet it sounds like two cars crashing
Setting off a chain reaction
Tell me what did you think would happen
After what you’ve done, Oh
Emptied drawers and shattered vases
Slamming doors and the engine racing
Pay no attention to the whole world quaking
It’s just the sound of my heart breaking

Offer, offer your excuses
In between the thunder and the tears
Ask me, beg me for forgiveness
But there’s no way you’re gonna find that here

The bullet left the gun
The damage has been done

Oh, oh
Like the sky is tumbling down
Oh, oh
How did you think it would sound?


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