I entered a video contest through TopBlip to get to open for Dave Barnes and Andrew Ripp for Dave’s “Stories to Tell” tour at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN. Thanks to all of my amazing friends and family, the TopBlip team, and Dave Barnes, I won the competition! The show was an absolute blast and meeting Dave and Andrew was so great! They are both awesome artists and songwriters, and I was honored to get to participate in a night of music with them. There were about 400-500 people there when I played, which is the largest crowd I’ve played for in quite a while.

So… to everyone who voted and helped spread the word, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You guys ROCK! I appreciate your time, energy, and support SO much!

You can watch the 3 videos that I entered into the contest for each round: “Long Past Long Gone” (Alex Masters Original), “Strawberry Wine” (Deana Carter Cover), “On A Night Like This” (Dave Barnes Cover)

I would also like to thank Paula Shipman, at the Clarke Daily News, for posting such a great article about the competition. I grew up in Clarke County in Berryville, VA, so anytime my hometown supports me, it’s one of the best feelings!

Thank you all again! I’m so grateful for all of your love and encouragement! This was SUCH a great experience!