Happy March! The weather is warming up slightly, which is SOO exciting! I LOVE spring!

I just released a brand new song on March 1st, called “Long Past Long Gone” and you can get it for FREE, this month only! If you have not already, please be sure to download your FREE copy of the song HERE, before the month of March ends. I wrote this song with my super awesome friend, Caitlyn Smith. She is SO talented! Please take a few minutes to listen to her music and “Like” her Facebook Page HERE. You’ll thank me for it. I am BEYOND EXCITED to be releasing this song, because it’s different from anything else I’ve ever released… it’s ROCKIN’! Like… rockin’ rockin’, which makes it super fun to perform live! The crowd always gets really into it.

And THEN, please tell all of your wonderful friends and family about how much you love the song (wink, wink) and that they should definitely download it as well.

We have to spread the word about “Twelve in Twelve”!

When you download the song, pretty please Tweet about it, Facebook about it, Google+ about it… anything! I would REALLY appreciate it! You guys ROCK!

Also, if you haven’t yet, I would really love it if you could take a few seconds to “Like” my Facebook Page and “Follow” me on Twitter. That way I can keep you up to date. I promise I say cool stuff and post fun pictures… sometimes. Haha!

THANK YOU! Have a WONDERFUL, dream filled month!