On Monday, January 9th, I heard one of my songs on the radio for the first time! It was one of the most exciting moments of my life so far! KDOL Radio is a station located right outside of Houston, TX, and they played “Long Way Home” as part of their Home Grown Music Show. The Home Grown Show “is a show dedicated to every new and upcoming Country Music Artist.” It’s such a great opportunity for rising artists and I am SO thankful I got to be a part of it! I think there is a possibility they may play “Long Way Home” again this coming Monday between 7-8pm CST, so listen in! If you do get a chance to hear me on KDOL, I would LOVE for you to let them know what you think of “Long Way Home” on their Facebook page. Thank you KDOL and thank you to everyone listening!

Thank you also to Tim at Shared Music Review, who pitched my music to KDOL and got me on the radio! Shared Music Review is a great site where music lovers listen, rate and review artists/bands. I’d LOVE if you would take a second to rate and review me on their site!

If you don’t have “Long Way Home” yet, you can get it on iTunes here.

Happy 2012 everyone!



P.S. Can’t wait for you to hear February’s song! It’s so fun!