Alex Masters wrote and recorded her Blinded EP in the Winter of 2013, with the intention of releasing it shortly thereafter, following her December 2012 release of her album Sirens. But, she unexpectedly signed a publishing and artist development deal with Sony ATV Nashville right before releasing her project, so she put a hold on it, hoping to release the project with her new team. She ended up not releasing it through Sony, and once her deal ended, it took her a year to decide she wanted to release the project independently, as originally planned. Although the project was written and recorded 4 years ago, it’s undeniably fresh and new sounding. AVAILABLE everywhere you listen to music Friday, November 3rd! It may have been too ahead of it’s time sonically 4 years ago, so the delayed timing, in this case, is perfect timing. We are excited to see where this project takes Alex, and for the kickstart of new music being released more frequently. There’s already rumor that she’ll be releasing a new single in the Spring of 2018 and we can’t wait, but in the meantime, we have these 6 amazing songs to bask in and hold us over!