I started writing “Diamond Ring” when one of my closest friends was heartbroken after breaking up with a guy she thought she was going to marry. She thought he was her forever, her diamond ring, and I wanted to comfort her and let her know that there is another guy out there waiting for her, who will be her diamond ring. I think most of us, guys and girls, have been in at least one relationship that we think is going to last forever, but then it just falls apart. I hope this song speaks to all of you who have been in this position, are in it right now, or will be in it in the future. Download “Diamond Ring” HERE for FREE until April 30th.

I co-wrote the song with my friends Emily Shackelton and Kelly Archer, who are both incredible songwriters based in Nashville. Whenever the three of us get together, I ALWAYS love the result!

Please help me spread the word about the FREE download of this song by telling all of your friends and family! This song will only be free until April 30th!

On a different note, my band and I played a show this past Monday (April 23rd) at the Fine Line in Minneapolis, and it went SO well! It was the best show we’ve ever played together! All of us were just spot on. Thank you to all of you who came out to see us that night! We had an absolute blast and we hope you did too! Keep checking back on my website for upcoming shows.

Thank you SO much! I love you all!


P.S. Can’t wait for you to hear May’s song!!!