Hey you. Thank you so much for being here.

I’m Alex and I’m thankful for life, and people, and the fact that I get to write songs about my life and the people in it. My music is and always will be honest because I want to share something real with the world. I want to sing about things that I feel in order to connect with you because you’ve felt the same things before. We all love, we all hurt, we all dance, we all fail, we all hope, we all dream, we all feel. We fall in love and get our hearts broken and fall in love again. We all drive with the music up and the windows down.

Take a listen to some tunes. I really, really hope they make you feel something. And, I hope that my decision to chase my dream will inspire you to do the same. Nothing’s more beautiful than a person doing what he/she is made to do. Whether that’s being a pilot, or a stay at home parent, or a waiter/waitress, or a songwriter, life is too short for us to not live out our dreams. We all need you and what you have to offer to the world.

Love, Alex